COVID-19 and Our Community

Standing With Our Customers and Community

As the world closes its doors to protect themselves from the novel coronovirus, I can’t help but think about the many local and small business owners in our county and across our country. We are the backbone of America providing nearly 50% of the private workforce. We keep the wheels turning and the engines roaring. However, we are facing unprecedented times that may change how business is done for the future.

Uncertain times call for an even tighter community.

Be encouraged that small businesses across our country are facing difficult times as well; we are not alone. This is perfect time to stand by our customers and communities to show who we are and why we do what we do. As businesses, we need to do a few things to better serve our customers:

  • Stay informed. Stay up to date with local and state regulations. See where customers’ needs and demands are in order to fulfill them.
  • Be current and transparent. Customers are looking for reliable information and businesses to trust. Don’t forget to update any hours or update your customers when products are back in stock/available.
  • Adjust. Everyone is feeling a little frantic, unfortunately. Adjust to the needs and demands of your customers and make an effort to listen to them. You may find another way to help.
  • And don’t forget our Southern service. One of the greatest things we can offer while things are hectic is friendly customer service. That will last longer than any dollar and speak louder than any word.

We’re In This Together

Our community is unique. When hard times arise, we band together. Let this be one of those times. Let us be neighborly and put others before ourselves, not trampling over each other to get the last roll of toilet paper (seriously, what is that all about?). Also, don’t panic. That is the worst thing we can do. At the time of this writing, we don’t have any cases of COVID-19 in our Tri-County area. So there is no need to panic and buy out stores. Support your neighbors, especially the elderly and practice the recommended health guidelines.

All in all, I know who holds tomorrow in these times of uncertainty, and I hope you do too. I would encourage you to seek Him also.


Elli Carranza, VerbumCreative

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